Make your feet look beautiful!

It seems that the feet are a part of the body that contains more fat because they tend to sweat a lot, more in men than in women, and more in summer than in winter. But you will be surprised to know that the feet do not have any sebaceous glands, that is, they do not produce fat, but yes, they do have sweat glands and therefore sweat.

The point is that this part, like some other areas of the body, is one of the most forgotten parts, referring to care. This causes the feet to be dry, with calluses and even fungus. It is important to take care of them because they cannot do it on their own. You have to give them that moisture they need to avoid conditions. Luckily, we leave you a small guide on how to take care of your feet so that they look beautiful and healthy.

  • First, exfoliate.
    At least 2 times a week exfoliate your feet. You can do it while you shower.
  • Second, hydrates.
    This step is very important for what we mentioned above. Lack of hydration is the biggest problem many podiatrists face. Use a moisturizer after exfoliating, and every day too! Massage them to absorb very well.
  • Third, take care of your nails.
    Keep them short, clean and flawless. They are easier to cut after bathing as they loosen a bit more. Use cuticle oil to keep them nourished.


A cream containing shea is ideal for the foot area. Shea butter is extremely moisturizing, just what your feet need. Remember that after showering, you must dry your feet well to prevent the fungus from growing on them. In summer, try to leave them free one day or another wearing sandal, BUT do not forget to use sunscreen ! Giving attention to your feet will not only give you a pretty appearance in them, but you will also enjoy the massages, don’t you think?


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