The most delicious anti-aging!

Remember those twisted red cherry flavored but very sweet candies? Surely you remember them and they were one of your favorites, Did you know that they are made from the root of a one meter high plant called licorice? I know! I didn’t know either, now that I know they come from a plant I no longer feel so bad about eating so many of those. The Licorice plant is a herbaceous plant, as I said, approximately one meter high, with deeply branched, deep and woody roots. Its scientific name “Glycyrrhiza glabra” means sweet root, and it is from its roots that these rich candies are produced, in addition to other things. It comes from the Mediterranean area, Asia Minor and China. The dried and chopped rhizome is used from the licorice, as well as the black syrup concentrated by boiling. Its intense aroma is very reminiscent of anise and fennel, its flavor is extremely sweet and aromatic. 

Nutritional value:

– Salicylic, malic, betulinic and glycyrrhetic acid
– Amino acids: asparagine
– Glycyrrhizin, glucose and sucrose
– Beta-carotene
– Flavonoids: lic flavonol, liquorice, glycerol, glycerin, formononetin, propenylanilose and isoliquiritigenin.
– Calcium, chromium, cobalt, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, silicon and sodium
– Proteins
– Pannin
– Pitamin C and thiamine

The properties that licorice possesses have been used for more than 2,100 years B.C. in the times of the Greeks and Romans, they used the licorice root to cure asthma, skin ulcers and to combat the sensation of thirst. Likewise, it helps fight gastrointestinal problems, since the root is anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic, it prevents the heaviness of the stomach, reduces gas and prevents indigestion. It also takes care of the health of the liver since it favors the elimination of toxic substances from the body. Its use is also effective to combat hepatitis B or cirrhosis. Due to its anti-inflammatory property, it is an effective remedy to treat pharyngitis, angina, laryngitis, asthma and colds. 

Something that is not well known is that, thanks to its content of calcium, magnesium and vitamin C, it helps fight depression.

It is widely used for the problem of menopause, being a natural phytoestrogen, licorice helps reduce these symptoms, in addition to vaginal dryness or irritability in women during this stage of their lives.

It strengthens the immune system and if you chew the licorice root, you can quit smoking! So if you’re trying to kick the bad habit of smoking, get yourself some licorice roots and chew!

Today, many of the most successful cosmetic creams contain among their ingredients licorice extract. This is because its benefits go beyond the internal, this improves the external appearance of the body and of course, skin care. Its vitamin C favors the glow on the face, a cream applied to your skin that contains liquorice extract, leaves your skin with a luminous glow and a healthy appearance, in addition, it protects ultraviolet radiation. Leave an even tone on your face. Licorice inhibits the effects of the enzyme tyrosinase, which causes pigmentation of the skin. With licorice, the pigment gradually disperses and fades, which is completely beneficial if your skin suffers from spots caused by the sun or free radicals. Its antiseptic power treats atopic skin in general, irritations, itching, etc., this is combined with anti inflammatory and emollient properties, therefore it treats skin with acne problems, rosacea, eczema, etc.

It is also a natural moisturizer! keeping moisture on your skin. Oily skin? Licorice! It contains a powerful anti-inflammatory called Licochalcone A, which helps regulate oilin the skin. So now licorice will be your favorite: D


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