Horrible skin cancer

Create your protective barrier against horrible skin cancer with these tips

Surely you have noticed that the sun is not the same as before, I mean, the sun is currently stronger every summer, this is due to the great pollution that exists on the planet that has damaged the ozone layer, allowing the sun’s UV rays to penetrate deeper into the earth. What causes this? Much hotter summers, almost unbearable. More damage to people and material things as well. Today we will talk about what the sun can do to people.

Skin cancer develops from skin that is exposed to the sun for long periods of time. Although it can also occur in areas of the body that are not normally exposed to sunlight. There are 3 main types of skin, which are:

● Basal cell carcinoma
This type of cancer occurs in areas that are most exposed to the sun, such as the neck and face.
Symptoms of this type of cancer may appear as:
1. Pearly or waxy lumps.
2. Flat lesions that look like dark brown or skin-colored scars.
3. Crusted ulcers that may bleed, usually heal but then return.

● Squamous cell carcinoma
This type of cancer also occurs in areas that are exposed such as the ears, face, hands, etc. This type usually develops in people with dark complexions and symptoms such as:
1. Red and firm nodules.
2. Flat scaly and crusted lesions.

This type of cancer forms anywhere on the body, it can also attack moles that already exist and make it cancerous. Melanoma occurs mostly on the trunk and face, although it also usually appears in areas that are not exposed. Its symptoms are:
1. Large brown areas with dark spots.
2. Moles that change in color, size or feel. They can bleed.
3. Lesions with irregular borders that contain red, pink, white, blue or dark blue parts.
4. Painful lesions that burn.
5. Dark lesions on the palms of the hands or feet, fingertips, nose or mouth.

This can be reduced by limiting or avoiding exposure to ultraviolet radiation. It is important to check the skin for suspicious changes and treat the problem early if there are any. Skin cancer generally manifests itself in the areas of the skin that are most exposed to the sun, such as the face, lips, hands, ears, neck, scalp, chest, arms and legs. But it can also develop in areas that are not so exposed to the sun, such as the groin, palm of the hands or skin. This can affect anyone.

The importance of using sunscreen is very great, with the simple fact of taking 5 minutes to apply sunscreen, you could save yourself all these serious problems. Cancer is not a disease that has a cure yet, but it can be treated and controlled. Skin cancer occurs when mutations are created in the DNA of skin cells, these mutations cause the cells to grow out of control and form a mass of cancer cells. This DNA mutation is caused by exposure to UV rays or sunbeds. But in addition to this, there are other factors that can intervene in the risk of developing skin cancer, such as exposure to toxic substances or a weak immune system. The place where skin cancer begins determines what type it is and the treatment options.

Methods to prevent skin cancer

1. Avoid the sun during the hours when it is strongest. Normally it would be between 10 am to 4 pm.
2. Use sunscreen ALL YEAR ROUND. Even though it’s winter, UV rays are still there.
3. If you live in very sunny places, try to wear clothes that protect you from UV rays.
4. Avoid tanning in tanning beds!
5. Examine yourself frequently and discuss any irregular changes you notice with your doctor.

Food can also influence the development or prevention of skin cancer. For example:

● Vitamin A helps protect and repair skin injuries from solar radiation.

● Omega 3 adheres to the skin plate and protects it from solar radiation.

● The fiber consumed regularly helps to prevent melanoma, green tea, eggs and garlic are recommended foods.

● Blue or purple foods, this type of nutrient contains a photo protector that protects the skin from UV rays

● Vitamin E helps protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals, which are
automatically formed when the skin is in contact with radiation solar.

Combining skin care with good nutrition will bring multiple benefits in addition to creating a protective barrier against skin cancer.



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