The uses that we can give to glycerin

It was not until the beginning of the pandemic that affects us today, that we learned what glycerin is. There was a time when no one could find antibacterial alcohol in any pharmacy or store and the doctors recommended making each person their own antibacterial gel at home. One of the ingredients in this recipe is glycerin. But many people, including myself, believed that glycerin was toxic or simply unknown, here I will tell you what this viscous substance is and what uses we can give it in daily life. Glycerin is a liquid alcohol that many industries use in their formulas to create soaps or even cosmetics. It is obtained by saponification of animal fats and vegetable oils, its pure version contains 99% glycerol.


But … What benefits can glycerin have on us?

Well, it is known that glycerin is used in a huge amount of products, be it baby soap, oils, creams, liquid for vaporizers, hair products, medicines, it is used as an antifreeze and lubricant. In the manufacture of products such as making teas, coffees and beverages, it is used as an additive to increase quality. In the hair, the glycerin hydrates it in depth, strengthens the root and strengthens it, if your hair looks dull or dry, you can add half water and half glycerin in a container and spray it all over the hair, this will It will give nutrition and the appearance of being healthy, at the same time that you hydrate it.


Glycerin for skin

Glycerin is a humectant that draws moisture to the skin. Its ability to retain the natural moisture of the skin, results in a balanced, not dry and not oily complexion. If your face suffered from acne at some point and now you only have those horrible memories like the marks that this leaves on the skin, glycerin can also erase those traces of acne and leave an even tone. We know that one of the damages caused by free radicals is stains. Glycerin has an exfoliating function, as it removes dead skin cells by helping the protein breakdown process. Increases elasticity in the skin, which means goodbye wrinkles! It has the property of absorbing water from the air! Diluted in water, it softens the skin.


After bathing, I usually apply a little glycerin on my skin and let it absorb while I apply the face creams. Leaves skin super beautiful, with a natural glow and super nourished. It dissolves easily in water or alcohol but not in oils.



If you want to apply glycerin topically (on the face), it is recommended to use it dissolved in water, since in a concentrated way it can irritate the most sensitive skin, such as those of people suffering from diabetes. Hydrated skin has a beautiful appearance, but if left on for very long periods it could over-hydrate the skin. It is better to apply a small amount so that it absorbs well.

Although some do not know it, glycerin is consumed in foods such as ice cream, chocolates, pasta or sugar doughs such as fondant or gum paste. In these foods, its consumption is safe because small amounts are used. If ingested in amounts much greater than these, it can cause dizziness, nausea, headache, and even mental confusion.

So let’s enjoy the benefits that glycerin brings, mainly to our skin, and enjoy a healthy and young appearance; D








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