Facial Steam Bath

The benefits that a facial steam bath can give us are extraordinary, so easy and simple and without spending money!

If you are striving to follow a daily skincare routine that includes cleansing, toning, hydrating, exfoliating, nourishing, and applying sunscreen, Let me tell you that you are doing a very good job and I congratulate you. And it is that who does not want to be and look healthy? I believe that the whole world would like to be in optimal conditions. In addition to following your current cleaning and care routine, exercising and eating a balanced diet, I tell you that there is another method to pamper yourself even more.


So is it! there are still more. Have you heard of facial steam baths? If not, I’ll explain here.

This method of skin care is the easiest and simplest that can exist, I think. Since it consists of using hot water, some herbs or essential oils of your choice and a towel! That’s simple!

● In a medium bowl, put water that you have previously boiled,

● inside the water you can add some herbs, such as dried chamomile leaves, lavender, rosemary, licorice, lemon peel, orange, rosehip essential oil, almonds, of what you want and that is, obviously with beneficial properties for your skin,

● later, you place your face above the hot water that will be releasing steam and place a towel large enough to cover the entire area above your head and bowl and thus, that the vapors do not escape.


Make sure your face is clean by the time you do this so that when your pores open, you don’t have bacteria that can get inside. This process should take 5 to 20 minutes. You choose.

When finished, apply a moisturizing cream, an essential oil, whatever you think best, taking advantage of the fact that this will be absorbed 100%, then wash your face with water that is at the same time or cold to close your pores and finally dry your face . Specialists of the Health and Medicine portal, ensure that cleaning the face can be made easier and more effective when it is exposed to steam, since the steam makes the pores of your face open, facilitating the exit of pimples, blackheads, purifies and moisturizes the epidermis, relaxes facial muscles, stimulates glandular function, promotes blood circulation, improves the generation of enzymes at the cellular level, even on the surface of our skin and clears the nasal passages.


Let’s take a closer look.

– Facial saunas warm the skin, which means increased skin cell action. These reactions include relaxation of pores, dilation of blood vessels, which in turn lowers blood pressure and promotes sweating of the pores.

– Improves the circulation of cells and efficiency of blood flow to your skin, this method improves the oxygen and nutrient rates in our cells, with the contribution of additional nutrients and oxygen, we get our cells to work in a more optimized and efficient way. All this combination makes our skin more resistant and capable of fighting bacteria that favor the appearance of acne.

– Because steam increases your circulation and the volume of cellular reactions, you will notice that the treatments that you are already applying to care for your skin have better results. Having clean skin allows them to increase their field of action and they metabolize more quickly.

– Some facial steam baths are designed for aromatherapy, meaning that they will have a compartment dedicated to the addition of essential oils, or even fresh fruit cut into pieces. The steam helps these essential oils penetrate deeper into the skin than a topical application would.

– Facial steam devices generate a nano-steam that hydrates our skin in a more effective way. This characteristic offers better hydration of the skin and a reduction of the signs of aging.

You will probably notice that after the first sessions your skin does not improve as much as you would like, but it is normal for the skin to experience this worsening before it begins to appear rejuvenated and healthy.

This is because in the beginning, the cells make an extra effort to expel toxins and bacteria, but once the cells return to their normal work rate, the effects are magnificent and you will soon have the skin that you want so much.

It does not have adverse reactions or allergic reactions, since it is simply steam, if something like that happened it would be because of what you have added to your hot water. But everyone knows their skin better than anyone. It’s an easy and natural way to look young and feel better about your self-esteem.


Day off? Well  you know what you can do! : D


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