Facial Cleansing Routine

The importance of having afacial cleansing routine

Young skin cells take approximately 28 days to reach the surface,mature skin takes longer. Therefore, more dead cells accumulate on the skin, because the process is slower. This is also affected by factors that slow down cell renewal, such as UV exposure, lack of sleep or poor diet. 


30 years old, the beginning of skin aging.

The cell renewal cycle, at this age, begins to slow down, this means that the skin is much less able to support and defend itself. External and internal factors cause a greater effect on the skin, the first expression lines, wrinkles, loss of luminosity, dryness or excess oil appear, etc.
It is important to have a cleansing routine for your skin, as this will put a stop to all these problems. Every minute of the day, we lose approximately 30,000 to 40,000 cells from the surface of our skin. If these layers of dead cells are not shed from the surface of our skin, they cause a haggard appearance and the face looks dirty, just like the rest of the skin. Helping our skin to renew itself would give us more time before having to deal with the signs of aging. Being 40 but looking 30. Who wouldn’t like that?

Some people are too lazy to do all this procedure, because it must be done at night and in the morning. But it is important to take the time, because if you accumulate nights without cleaning your skin, this will affect you in a short time. A facial cleansing routine helps us avoid premature aging and remove dirt that has remained, in addition to maintaining hydrated and nourished skin.


What you should do:

First of all, remove make-up as best you can, with the products that are most pleasing to your skin and gently in the eye area. Massage your skin, when you have finished cleaning the face with your cleansing milk or micellar water, it is time to remove it. You can use a damp towel and rub it over your face gently. If you want to wash your face, you can do it, but remember to pat it dry and not drag the towel. It is recommended that after washing, you use a cream that provides hydration to the face and that repairs it while you sleep. Do not forget the eye contour, since it is quite delicate skin, it is also important to keep it hydrated. In the morning, perform the same procedure but with different creams, one that is for the day. These creams in particular, prevent your face from staining, as some night creams can have adverse reactions when in contact with the sun. Likewise, it is vitally important to use sunscreen.


An intense deep cleaning is recommended to be done at least every 10 days, exfoliate your skin to eliminate all the dead cells that may remain and later, hydrate with the moisturizer of your choice, the one that best suits your skin.


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