Exercise also brings benefits to your skin

In this and many other articles, it has been emphasized more than a thousand times that exercise is essential to maintain good health. It keeps your body in good working order, flexible muscles and joints, good heart and brain health, as well as the digestive system, among many other things. But have you ever wondered if exercise also benefits your skin? You will be delighted to know that yes! Indeed, it brings great benefits to the skin as well as the body. If you want to motivate yourself even more to continue exercising, keep reading…

Although the information that is obtained about the benefits that exercise brings to our skin is scarce, those that we can find are very useful and for many it will be enough.

● Exercise greatly improves skin hydration because it creates increased sweat, this increases the local presence of NHF (Natural Hydration Factor) components such as lactic acid. Adding to this, when sweat is not in excess, it strengthens the skin’s barrier, protecting it, favors the acid mantle and balances the skin flora.

● Studies have determined that exercise causes an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, improves mitochondrial function and fights cellular aging, which of course is an anti-aging effect.

● This is one of the best effects that exercise causes in our body, the reduction of glycation. Which makes it a super anti age. Glycation is one of the main reasons why the body ages prematurely, with it, the skin. It is a reaction that occurs between sugar and proteins in the body. The proteins that participate in the reaction lose their function, which means “Goodbye collagen and elastin”, the other problem it causes is that the AGEs cause more oxidative damage, making the problem bigger and accelerating aging even more.

● Exercise lowers blood sugar levels, therefore reducing the formation of AGEs as well.

● Exercising considerably reduces stress levels, another declared enemy for our body. Stress negatively affects the skin and body, in fact makes it more sensitive and vulnerable to oxidative damage and causes problems such as psoriasis, dermatitis and acne.

● Thanks to the fact that exercise creates an anti-inflammatory effect, reduces sugar levels and stress levels, it considerably
improves the acne problem.

● It is no genius to know that the quality of sleep affects the appearance of our skin, exercise helps improve rest and therefore you will sleep better, all this translates as “staying young”.

When doing physical exercise, it should be taken into account that in the same way that there are benefits, there may also be risks.

-Exposure to the sun is a risk, and instead of getting the benefits mentioned above, it can backfire. The sun is very harmful on the skin, so if you do physical activities, try not to expose yourself to the sun.

– People who suffer from rosacea tend to minimize physical exercise since it is a typical trigger. The most recommended would be to train inside a place where there is air conditioning or fans and limit the intensity of the exercises.

– Stretch marks can also be a problem, but this is because the body is enlarged and in certain areas, the skin is stretched too soon, which causes stretch marks to appear. Athletes who practice swimming can get dry skin due to being constantly in the water.

Outside of this, and with caution, take advantage of all the benefits
that regular exercise offers you


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