Care that you must have in the sea and the pool

Now that the hot season has arrived, you will surely be eager to go out and cool off a bit in the sea or in a pool. But there are some precautions for pregnant women to take into account. In general, it is about maintaining some basic rules. Most common. But there are some more specific recommendations that we should not miss so as not to get scared.

  • Protect yourself from the heat.

High temperatures can adversely affect health. That is why it is convenient to avoid the central hours of the day. And whenever you do, let it be under a shadow.

  • Make sure to bring water.

Good hydration prevents problems such as heat stroke, so this combined measure with the previous one will keep you at the right temperature.

  • Solar filter.

The use of sunscreen is fundamentally essential. During pregnancy you have to sunbathe with caution, in addition, in the water the sun also affects the skin.

  • Shallow areas.

Bath in shallow areas. So you can stand up when you need to.


In the pool …

  • Do not walk on the edges where you can slip.

  • Take a shower after entering the pool to remove any traces of chlorine.

  • Avoid using slides or games.

  • Don’t jump into the water, but rather dive carefully.

If you follow all these tips you can enjoy your summer day calmly and carefree. Remember that your health and that of your baby is paramount.



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