Men and women care about their physical appearance, but mostly women. For us, having perfect skin is important. Since it reflects youth and beauty. Spending time on skin care can often not be easy, and it is not because of the amount of products you can use, but rather because sometimes you are so exhausted that you want to skip these steps. But being persistent in caring for our skin definitely pays off.

Have a healthy, young skin, without wrinkles, spots, with a natural and radiant glow.

Many times we face certain problems like acne, allergic reactions, pimples, and also blackheads. In today’s post, I will tell you what the blackheads are, why they appear and what we can do so that they do not appear.



We get an idea of ​​what these little blackheads that appear out of nowhere can be, some know them as comedones. And well, they are nothing more and nothing less than a clogging of the pores of the skin. They appear due to sebaceous production, which arises mainly in the T zone, and is linked to the oxidation process of cells. The black spot owes its name to the fact that it is open and obstructed by a corneal plug of a similar color to black, generated by the accumulation of melanin. This does not allow the drainage of the sebaceous gland.

“The fat accumulation mixes with cellular debris. These are retained in the outlet duct of the sebaceous gland due to inflammation or excess secretions, so the gland cannot drain quickly, it becomes dirty and it obtains this black hue.” Says Alfons del Pozo Carrascosa, from the Department of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology of the University of Barcelona. Pollution, a continuous application of makeup, hormones, production of fat and dust, among other factors are responsible for dirtying the accumulation of secretions.


First, the type of skin must be taken into account in order to prevent blackheads. Based on this, the appropriate products will be chosen to treat and prevent the appearance of blackheads. The second step would be to follow a routine of care, such as choosing the correct soap, creams and skin cleansers. One advice that Maria Castellanos, a doctor at the Madrid Clinic, gives us is that we must control sebum production with treatments and exfoliate the face at least once a week.

Another method would be to let your skin breathe. When makeup is not necessary, do not wear it. Also, it is preferable that you use cleansers on your face instead of wipes, since these rules wash away dirt and can further clog pores.

Hydration would be another important step. A well-hydrated face stops producing excess oil. Of course, a good low-fat diet would also be ideal. Remember that you are what you eat.



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