Anti-cancer foods

Surely you are as afraid of skin cancer as I and many others. Skin cancer is a horrible skin condition and although it does not have a high mortality rate, it can cause death.  But … have you ever wondered why skin cancer occurs? The sun is the leading cause of skin cancer. UV rays instigate the formation of free radicals in the skin, this triggers a series of reactions in our cells that cause them to develop incorrectly. As cells accumulate, skin cancer appears. A dermatologist will tell you that the use of sunscreen is essential, but recent studies have also shown that diet can also influence this condition.

That is why we set out to find the foods that you should include in your diet to avoid skin cancer. Recommended by dermatologists and nutritionists!

  • Green Tea
    In a study conducted in Alabama, it was found that the polyphenols in green tea protect our skin from the damage caused by UV rays, thus reducing the changes that occur in DNA by free radicals. Besides that, green tea can also inhibit the multiplication of melanoma cells in the entire body.

  • Vitamin C and E
    The antioxidant content in these vitamins offer protection against UV rays and thus, skin cancer. What role do these vitamins do to fight damage? They neutralize free radicals and stop their reproduction.

  • Fatty acids, Omega 3
    Omega 3 slows down the accumulation of plaque within the blood vessels, slows down joint pain and therefore arthritis. In addition to providing immunity to the body from sun damage.

  • Organic foods
    Reduce the amount of red meat you consume, processed meats such as sausages. And add more whole grains instead of refined grains. Fruits, vegetables that are grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Stay away from genetically modified organisms. These foods not only cause skin cancer, but also other types of cancers.

If you want more information about your diet, we encourage you to visit a nutritionist. Health is something that should not be taken lightly. Do not forget that the use of sunscreen is strictly essential, even if you are inside your home. Drink enough water and stay healthy.


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