Anti aging products at 20?

A few days ago my 10-year-old daughter asked me At what age should I start taking care of my skin? To be honest, it took me by surprise. First, because of her interest in taking care of her skin while she was still so small, and second, because I had no idea. So it seemed like a good topic to share with you today. They say that children continue to make the mistakes of their parents. But I want to break that cycle in my offspring. Unfortunately, I learned to take care of my skin very late. There was already severe damage, because in my family that kind of habit was never made.

The million dollar question is: “Am I too young to take care of my skin?

The answer is: NO.

In fact, one of the advice given to women when they become mothers is how to take care of the skin of babies. See? Even so young, a person must already take care of their skin. Remember that the skin has a memory, and the poor care you have for it from a young age will end up reaching the beginning of your 30s. Something important that I must clarify is that the face care in such a young person should not be to prevent wrinkles. But rather, from sun damage and cleanliness. I mean that you should not use products that counteract aging, only that protect against ultraviolet damage and take a good cleaning.

At the beginning of your 20s is when you should already include products that are prevention. The 20s, more than an age to combat, is an age to prevent. Specific products to combat the symptoms of aging, such as wrinkles and blemishes, are usually formulated for more mature skin. Which can be counterproductive for young skin.

As the skin ages, the production of fat decreases. Which can lead to dry skin, and therefore will require creams that are more hydrating and moisturizing to alleviate that dryness. For a skin of 20, instead of fighting wrinkles that do not exist, it is better to focus on two basic principles: sun damage and keeping skin hydrated. Good sun protection, adequate hydration and also, including antioxidants as a preventive measure is more than enough.

Do not forget that food is essential, as well as drinking enough water. Of course, if you drink alcohol and smoke, then you will attract those problems to your skin. And if your desire is to add more products such as the eye contour, hyaluronic acid and those things, it will be necessary first to go to a dermatologist to see if your skin is suitable to include these ingredients in your new skincare routine. I advise you never to use products about which you do not have enough information on your face. There are cosmetics that are formulated for dry, sensitive, combination or oily skin. And if you are not sure what type of skin you are, even more so, you should seek a professional point of view.



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