7 tips to improve your dry skin

Many people believe that dry skin is one of the easiest skin conditions that can exist. This is because it is believed that only hydrating the skin can solve this problem, but the truth is that it is not that simple. Dry skin is due to a deficiency in hygroscopic substances (water-binding) that are found naturally in the skin, the superficial lipids that form a natural barrier to prevent the evaporation of water are lost and do not commit their function. When this barrier is broken, moisture can evaporate and vital moisture-binding substances are easily removed, creating dry skin. A specialist in dermatology will surely question you about when this problem began in your skin and what factors make the problem worse, in addition to how your diet is and how you take care of your skin. The recommended treatment for dry skin according to specialists is based on changing the nutritional lifestyle and using a daily cleansing routine in the day and at night. It is recommended to use moisturizing and nourishing creams and avoid bathing with hot water for a long time. Lactic acid is special for treating dry skin, so look for a product with this ingredient.

If dry skin is not treated quickly, the problem can develop to red or oily skin, as the body wants to create more sebum to balance the dryness.

● Moisturize your skin with products that contain ingredients that retain water in the skin such as cucumber and hyaluronic acid. Some essential oils also fulfill this function.

● Try not to use very hot water on your face and when taking a shower, make sure it is not for a long time since hot water also creates dryness on the skin.

● Avoid harsh soaps that when used on the face leave you with a “cardboard face” sensation.

● Use moisturizers after bathing. Gently dry skin without dragging, apply moisturizer to lock in moisture on skin. Products that contain glycerin and lactic acid are very effective in treating this dryness problem.

● Depending on where you live, if it is very dry, you can use humidifiers to keep the environment humid but make sure the humidifier is clean.

● Choose fabrics that do not obstruct the breathing of your skin such as wool, better use silk or cotton.

● Some essential oils are ideal for treating dry skin, such as rosehip,
avocado, jasmine, almond, and shea.

Don’t forget that drinking water is very important, especially for dry skin. At least 8 glasses a day. Foods like celery, egg, milk + honey, olive oil, and green tea also help prevent or cure dry skin.


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