5 Foods You Should Not Miss

5 foods you should not miss in your diet to have a skin enviable!

We know that staying young is something that many women want in life, not only women, our male friends are increasingly joining our skin care to look radiant. And it is that, as is well known, eternal youth we still do not know and no, it does not count to keep saying on each birthday that we continue to meet the same age. It is better to accept our beautiful nature and follow the advice that we will tell you here…


But, how can I have skin with an appearance of 20 if I am 40?
Well, I will leave you a list of the 5 foods that can not be missing in your diet if you want to have a super model skin.


1- Red fruits
As is well known, red fruits are a very rich source of antioxidants, since they contain flavonoids and vitamin C that prevent cell destruction and prevent premature aging. They are also delicious! Who doesn’t like strawberries or blackberries? You can add a handful of berries to your smoothies in the morning to start the day with lots of energy and of course, a beautiful face.


2- Olive Oil
I believe that olive oil is everyone’s favorite, because it has a pleasant taste on the palate and is the easiest to find, even in the corner store you can find it. Olive oil has a high content of vitamin E, this vitamin protects cells from oxidative stress, bone, from the annoying damage of free radicals. What are they, stains, wrinkles, lack of elasticity etc. Now we even gladly add olive oil to your salads.


3- Nuts
Nowadays, nuts have risen in price and it is unfortunate because surely, both you and I, we like these as snacks. But if the cost puts you off, its benefits will make you forget it. Walnuts, pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts, all of them also contain vitamin E but are also rich in copper that act as an anti-inflammatory. If you suffer from acne, rosacea and even eczema on your face, nuts will help you combat these problems.


4- Red meats
Red meats have a large contribution of proteins, these stop the loss of muscle tone and the defrosting of the skin of the face, vitamin B6 and selenium prevent your skin from aging prematurely, as well as preventing a lack of elasticity. Goodbye wrinkles!


5- Citrus
Imagine the smell of your home if you have a basket full of pure citrus, exquisite. Citrus fruits are well known for their high content of vitamin C, and it is also well known that this vitamin is considered a powerful antioxidant involved in the formation of collagen, a protein necessary for the skin to retain its firmness and elasticity. My preferred way of consuming this vitamin through citrus fruits is to prepare an orange, grapefruit, lemon and mandarin juice. I do this in the morning before breakfast and what do you think? It is helping me maintain my weight and on top of that, it has regulated slow traffic.


Are you bad at drinking water?
One way to get into the habit of drinking more water is to buy a 2-liter bottle and add some lemon or orange juice to it. That gives it a rich flavor and makes the job easier. After reading this, doesn’t it sound so difficult to have enviable skin? Try and learn to give yourself that self love that we all should give ourselves from time to time. ; )


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